Thursday, September 20, 2012

Banana is Not a Fruit...

The waffles were definitely Gab-approved. :-) We caught her just before she... made sure not to waste anything on her plate.

Banana is not a fruit. However, some may respond that denial ain't just a river in Egypt. But... if you forget anything else I have said to you, remember this: friends don't let friends eat fruit with chocolate. Their flavors match as well as the color black does with navy blue.

    We have been waffled out and the diverse engrossments of life took precedence over posting, as I shared in my last blog post. You'd think that we'd have a waffle high after so many waffle recipes; much like when you run and run and run you eventually feel that runner's high. I guess it just doesn't always work that way. (Plus, I have yet to even experience a runner's high.) 

Last night, before we discovered that our Nutella supply had been depleted (*cough* my brothers), Mom suggested making banana waffles and somehow incorporating Nutella into them. For those of you who know us well, it may come as a surprise that my mother- Dayna Whitlock- came up with this idea. She has an aversion to fruit and chocolate and actually becomes extremely nauseated. I don't know if it is the power of suggestion or not, but most of my siblings and I share that intolerance towards that combination. Gabbi doesn't mind eating it, but then again if the girl sees "sugar" on the ingredient list, she is sold. 

     If the validity of humans evolving from monkeys rested on our consumption of bananas, Graham and I would be reliable sources for evidence. I'm not a huge fan of fruits, in general, but I LOVE tropical fruits and especially *perfect* bananas. I fancy myself an authority on defining a perfect banana. It cannot be green and it absolutely may not have spots on it. Once it reaches the spotting stage on the peel, it is only useful for smoothies (maybe) or can be used in bread products. I love how one pastor made the point that bananas are so unique that he was once asked to describe its taste to someone who had never had one... He tried and tried but he couldn't come up with an accurate description. In my humble opinion, apples taste like apples, pears taste like... pears, and every other fruit tends to taste like its name. But bananas??? ... They belong in a category of their own.

My family graciously blesses Graham and me with bananas whenever they go to the store and recently brought a generous amount too great for us to consume by ourselves. I used about 4 of them in the waffles and Morgan made an excellent milk chocolate syrup recipe to drizzle on top. Instead of trading in one of our siblings for the exclusive food labels called for in that recipe, we used good ol' Nestle chocolate chips, Mexican vanilla, and our own water (or milk), thank you. 

Mom: "It's amazing! These are so good and I don't even feel nauseated." -This statement just validates my case against bananas being fruit.

Mo found a different syrup recipe than our usual. It was really good.

I liked all of the chocolate syrup photos that Mo took. Forgive me.

Gabbi is the new queen of photo-bombing. Love that girl. 



  1. Dayna,

    You are so wrong about fruit not going with chocolate that there was a small earthquake here in Huntsville due simply to the fact that I read that statement. I didn't even read it out was just the fact that this nightmarish thought ran through my brain as I read your terrible words. Angels are weeping and the devil laughs whenever the words "fruit doesn't go with chocolate" are spoken, typed or read. Shame!

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  2. Haha! Dave, when Gabriela read your comment, all she could say was, "Aw! I miss him!" :-)

    I must stand my ground, friend. Chemistry doesn't lie, & mine is opposed to the compounds formed between chocolate & fruit - two things I relish separately!

    As always, I love your dramatic way of expressing yourself! Thanks for sharing. :-)